The highest devotion to handicraft

The experience of the local handcraft workers built up over the years, coupled with the greatest combination of soft volumes and meticulous cuts: that’s where the idea of the harmonious and crisp fusion that characterizes the style of Alberto Olivero’s products has found its origins.

The main objective of the young designer – founder of the brand which carries his name- is to come along the necessities of those who want to face the challenge everyday in the best way possible; smart and technological people, who care about fashion and do not depend on trend.

The uniqueness of the concept lies on this unexpected and stunning bond: on the one hand the freshness of the lines and the vivacity of the combinations between shapes and colours; on the other hand, the care for details and the accurate attention to the artisan savoir-faire. Each product is rigorously handmade, respecting raw materials and enhancing every single step. In this way, the product becomes the concrete result of a process that involves people, stories, values and deep emotions. A passion that Alberto Oliviero, together with his team, wants to continue to spread over time and that we love to call “the art of creating made in Italy”.

The company has its roots in the extraordinary landscape of Sommariva del Bosco, considered the door of the Roero region –Piemonte- a land that has been recently named a UNESCO world heritage.
And here, in a place full of natural treasures and breathtaking views, where the smell of grapevine products melts with the ancient handcraft traditions, in 2006 a new bud slowly blossomed.


Today, Alberto Olivero is an internationally oriented brand, that believes in breaking down barriers through a universal language, that is to say: fashion and good taste.
Communicating the quality of the materials, the mastery of the artisans and the excellence of the Italian products worldwide is a cornerstone of our mission. For this purpose we pay attention to the digital world: besides the website, the team realised the Facebook page Alberto Olivero e the Istagram profile alberto_olivero_official full of content and continuously updated.

“the research for originality to me is not just an habit,
it reflects my deep passion for design”.

The protagonists of this success are the people who live in our company. Starting from our employees involved in our decision-making, to clients to whom we reserve a special treatment, not only during the purchasing process, but also by engaging them.
That’s why we provide an ad hoc team to elevate the quality of the added- services, monitoring the client’s needs and responding to their concerns.

That’s our story, a journey that arouses enthusiasm with its daily involvement and that you can sensibly touch in our products. Now we are ready to listen to your story, your experiences and your adventures , always harmonized with the comfort and the style of Alberto Olivero.


If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry